Anonymized Project View for Jira

Anonymize communication in your projects in the simplest possible way

Anonymize user names for different parties 

The problem of communication between internal and external project teams is more relevant than ever. Our App solves this problem on the fly and without any additional effort!

Set-up and configure the App with just a few clicks so you can invest your time in more important things!

More details

Compliance with the Fremdarbeitskräfte (FAK), Germany standard for working with contractors, often presents great difficulties to users, because the communication between customer and contractor companies must take place via company representatives and direct communication between project teams must be non-personal.

Using Jira with our "Anonymized Project View " application ensures a simple, flexible, reliable, and FAK-compliant communication without additional effort. The application anonymizes names of users associated with other companies on the fly.


  • Anonymizing user communication in Jira projects automatically in real time
  • Compliance with the Fremdarbeitskräfte (FAK), Germany standard for working with contractors
  • Anonymization by replacing real names with configured company names
  • Easy assignment of users to companies
  • Using Jira in full functionality, despite anonymization
  • Anonymization on the fly, without changing values in the database

Easy non-personal communication between companies.

Batching notifications

Please note that the plugin is not compatible with the "Batching notifications" feature. The users in the batch notifications are not anonymized.

To enable anonymization in the email notifications, the "Batching notifications" must be disabled via System > Batching email notificationsPlease note that since 8.4 this feature is enable in Jira by default.

More details about "Batching notifications" you can find here

Configuration Guide